Zooppa and Design42Day, Partners in Innovation and Creation

Zooppa and Design42Day, Partners in Innovation and Creation

Zooppa and Design42Day, Partners in Innovation and Creation

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Milan, January 2012.  Design42Day is proud to announce our partnership with Zooppa, the Seattle based social network for creative talent and the world’s leading source of user-generated advertisements. Zooppa hosts brand sponsored advertising competitions and generates innovative advertisements through crowd-sourcing within its effervescent online community.

This young yet fast-paced company is riding the wave of revolutionary advertising strategies with an ethos that sets it apart from the others.  It partners with reputable international companies in order to actualize opportunities for its community members to create brilliant advertisements for prominent brands. The process of bringing “real people and leading brands together” begins with companies developing an abridgement of their brand’s attributes, the target audience and objectives of the campaign. Community members are then free to create and upload advertisements in different formats, ranging from viral videos to concepts for potential ads, so that users can enter contests based on their strengths and talents. Zooppa then awards generous monetary rewards and special prizes to the winners based on feedback from the clients, Zooppa’s own staff and the community as a whole – automatically increasing the campaign’s redemption before it’s even launched.

Zooppa is unique in the way it arranges  mutual satisfaction and benefits for both the brand and the creative. The significance given to talent goes past resumes and experience. Zooppa demonstrates this trait by accepting genuinely great ideas that could unlock a potential award and grant visibility to the creator. The fact that Zooppa is also a social network helps members network and gain valuable peer review.  The company is also firmly committed to create ‘shared incentives for success’: the drive to make fun ads within Zooppa’s community attracts brands, and when its members stand to win money, the brand gains market share and new products get discovered.

As a result, Zooppa gets more brands to partner with and grows alongside its members and clients. It already has around 150,000 community members, and partners with numerous companies like Google, Samsung, AT&T, Sony, Microsoft and Mini amongst others. The amount rewarded to date surpasses a million and a half dollars, and new competitions are frequently hosted on the site.

From it’s debut in Venice to its subsequent move to Seattle, Zooppa has been pioneering this singular marketing intermediation activity. With this new partnership with Design42Day, Zooppa can bring its innovative opportunities closer to the international community of design.

For more info: Zooppa and Design42Day, Partners in Innovation and Creation

design42day » Search Results » social+media+art

Zooppa and Design42Day, Partners in Innovation and Creation

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