Elena Baturina’s Think-tank BE OPEN Launches Next Global Open Call #BEOPENWorkPlace

With open calls, by asking the participants to share their vision in the most graphic form, BE OPEN aims to identify innovative approaches, and build new creative bonds for people around the globe.

BE OPEN believes that the ability for creative interpretation is not confined within the art and design industry. The series of online challenges reach out to those creative minds around the globe, who keep their eyes open, see inspiration in the everyday life, and are able to transform it with their own unique vision.

This time, the open call named ”BEOPENWorkPlace” invites people from all walks of life to share pictures of their workplaces in the most general sense. What does that place that you go to for inspiration and new ideas look like? What is there to help you concentrate and stay motivated? How do you arrange it? What are those little details that make it yours?

Send us the visuals that answer these questions via Instagram with the #BEOPENWorkPlace hashtag, as a way to celebrate people”s ability to creatively interpret the reality around them.

The entries close May 31st, 2019. BE OPEN Community members will then select the winning post from a shortlist of submissions with the highest number of likes by Instagram users. The winner will receive a €300 prize.

BE OPEN is a global initiative to foster creativity and innovation, a think-tank whose mission is to promote people and ideas today to build solutions for tomorrow. It is a cultural and social initiative founded by philanthropist, businesswoman and entrepreneur Elena Baturina. BE OPEN”s mission is to harness creative brain power through a system of conferences, competitions, exhibitions, master classes and cultural events.


LONDON, May 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — BE OPEN, a creative think-tank founded by the international entrepreneur and philanthropist Elena Baturina, is launching its next global open call across social media.

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