Amber by Francesco Lucchese

Amber by Francesco Lucchese

Amber by Francesco Lucchese

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Swan, the famous Italian producer of high quality sofas and armchairs, which happens to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary this year, has released a brand new creation named Amber, a symbol of elegance designed by Francesco Lucchese, art director of the brand.

Two visual traits definitely mark this conception, a compact and rigid external structure on one hand, and morbid and comfortable shapes on the other, both mixed together in a unique little treat.  This exclusive armchair is a delightful meeting point between colour and shape: an outcome of a complex creative process, Amber is fruit of a deep pursuit of comfort and ergonomics, with the constant attention paid for design.

A distinctive trait of this beautiful creation is the elegant and light volume, which is still well defined and coupled with refined coverings which totally celebrate the well know Italian sartorial tradition. The main idea behind Amber is all about contrasts among fabrics used, among colours, among lines and styles.
The bright coloured seat counterbalances delightfully the rigorous and neutral body of the armchair: this nice stylistic contraposition makes this product incredibly versatile, adaptable to any kind of interior environment, both residential and industrial.

What really makes this armchair unique is with no doubt the ford that bears to life arms and seatback through harmonious dynamic of shapes. This is even stressed by the concave shape at the base of the structure that guides the correct position of legs and feet and assures the best posture of human body.

The minimal style of this peculiar example of furniture, counterbalanced by funny bright colours, makes Amber the perfect candidate to light up an environment that may be too serious, without it.


For more info: Amber by Francesco Lucchese

design42day » Search Results » italian+furniture

Amber by Francesco Lucchese

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