Tortona design week 2012

Tortona design week 2012

Tortona design week 2012

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Press Preview April 16th 2012, 15-20pm only press
April 17th- 21st 2012, 10-21pm only professionals
April 22nd 2012, 10-21pm also non professionals

The Temporary Museum for New Design, the exhibition designed to host in an edgy way the projects by big brands but also by up-and-coming talents, following the successful “less fair more museum” concept, comes back for its fourth year in via Tortona 27, at Superstudio Più, widened by the Extension at Superstudio 13. The project, curated by Gisella Borioli with Giulio Cappellini’s creative direction, will display a series of more than 40 exhibitions, with presentations often endorsed by design stars such as Italo Rota (for Samsung), Giulio Cappellini (for Alcantara), Carlo Colombo (for Cristalplant), the brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana (for Cosentino), Oki Sato (for Nendo). In the Basement lies the amazing
breeding ground of about 90 new international names.

The growing numbers say more than a thousand words: 40 international brands, 200 designers to discover, 2 locations, 3 restaurants, 1 temporary shop, 13.000 square meters, partnerships with more than 40 international newspapers, over 100.000 expected visitors and 3000 journalists (2011 data), with an increasing number of professionals coming from Middle East and Asian countries.

This year the event introduces an original underlying theme: “Telling a story”, the design told by words, aphorisms, letterings through the Temporary Museum common path with observations by renowned architects and intellectuals, in order to reflect and understand. Graphic installation by the artist Flavio Lucchini.

At Superstudio Più a huge underground space of about 2.000 square meters is devoted to young international talents. Discovering, other talents, other worlds, other ideas is a journey among the up-and-coming new designers in the Superstudio Più Basement, accessible from a new independent entrance located beside the main entrance.

Temporary Museum for New Design 2012 – Superstudio Più

Experiences. Startling sensorial paths, parallel and augmented realities. Design to be experienced, emotions to be felt. Science-fiction settings bring visitors into the technological future, in tomorrow’s homes. Two installations evoking a mystic and conceptual forest in the big hall devoted to Canon (by Toshiki Kiriyama).

A soft and amazing space in which you can take a break while admiring the installation by the video-artist Yuri Ancarani for Alcantara (by Giulio Cappellini). A labyrinth of images, lights, sounds to tell the sources of inspiration of Foscarini (by Vicente Garcia Jimenez). Holograms, light and shadow interplays of the “White Air” installation by Cristalplant & Poliform (by Carlo Colombo), with the contest results among the designers under 40. Innovative, modular and interchangeable furnishings by replacing the surfaces for Ronda Design (by Giorgio Corrà), presented among projections, moving walkaways, virtual installations. Recalling airports and big public spaces, Kusch+Co presents a spectacular installation involving all senses. Its story is told through texts, interviews, images and clips, with lights, sounds, materials and products (by Atelier Brückner).

The bathroom becomes a library, the bathtub is comfy as an armchair while enveloping you in a soft foam in place of water: this is the idea by the Japanese sanitary company Lixil (by Kenya Hara), surrounding with books the most intimate moment.
With Diesel the home (designed in collaboration with Foscarini, Moroso and Scavolini) becomes causal and focused around the new “Social Kitchen”, perfect “party room” for your living space.
With Samsung (by Italo Rota) we access the future, in an environment to be discovered through the augmented reality. The gray and indistinct space changes and gradually comes to life by using the Galaxy Tab, unveiling a smart life and a smart home.
A Solo Show. Only by Superstudio invitation, devoted to the most prize-winning name of the year (Wallpaper and ElleDeco International awards), the Japanese Oki Sato-NENDO, with the “Still & Sparkling” all-glass and almost “liquid” exhibition, in collaboration with Lasvit and supported by Superstudio. International joint exhibitions. How’s the habitat? How’s creativity expressed? What do faraway countries love? The joint-exhibitions “Thailand’s slow hand design”, “Inredia”, “Wielkopolska Region” and “City of Poznan” tell us about Thailand, Sweden and Poland through objects, furnishings, textiles and everyday accessories conceived by their best designers.
New talents. A significant innovation is represented by the big underground space in the Superstudio Più Basement, devoted to young international talents.

Discovering is a journey among the up-and-coming design talents: 43 young Italian and international designers and the 24 winners of the Ilide contest devoted to light, plus the 20 designers of Musei di Carta project, small objects designed for the Italian museum gift-shops, an Aliantedizioni edition project and supported by Superstudio. The young design seen at Discovering will then be sold online as the collaboration with the e-commerce site debuts, in order to offer designers, selected by Superstudio, the opportunity to have a direct market access with their products distinguished by the SuperstudioSelection logo. Jump into the sun. You are all invited to enter a shiny nightly sun, a unique experience with the new Carrera 6000 sunglasses, and attend the performances by dancers from 8pm to 12am on the Superstudio Più roof.
On the first floor. The La Perla showroom space becomes a multi-sensory ambience with the De Ponte Studio’s project, revolving around the fractal concept. Opposite lies the PrimoPiano restaurant by Alce Nero Caffè, the perfect mix between food, design and bio quality.
In the garden. The art-garden and the outdoor areas welcome great installations between art and design. Marble turns into sculptures in the path among the garden tress of Turkish Stones, with eight surprising presences curated by renowned international architects, such as the Berlin-based Werner Aisslinger, the Dutch Richard Hutten, the Anglo-Spanish couple El Ultimo Grito (Rosario Hurtado & Roberto Feo), the Turks Ayse Birsel+ Bibi Seck, Can Yalman and Emre Arolat, besides the works by the Argentinian Alfredo Häberli and the British James Irvine.
In the area beside the garden, the public benches are huge irregular calligraphic white letters, forming the word “design”: it is “City Alphabet” by the Polish sculptors Piotr Welniak and Michal Bartkowiak, exclusively for Superstudio.
And again in the outdoors, “Occupy!” by Dejana Kabiljo, an installation shaped as a big mattress, marked by a strong social value and a great impact.
On display. Superstudio pays homage to the unforgettable Ettore Sottsass – the great master of all generations, who revolutionized the design world with his Memphis – with “tu Sottsass,” a small exhibition of designs never published before, arranged by Fabrizio Sclavi, in collaboration with the M.A.T. association, with Milano Altri Talenti, on display in the windows facing the street at 27bis in via Tortona.

Furthermore … A mono-directional indoor-outdoor path at Superstudio Più will try to simplify the access to the many exhibitions in via Tortona 27. The not-to-be-missed proposals are the following: Functionals, Lumiotec, Melogranoblu, NgispeN, Royal Mosa, Tagina, TurriniBY e Schütz con i designers Fritsch-Durisotti, &Tradition by Kibisi per The Danish Design Centre, Ciclotte, Cotto, Ichimura Sangyo, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Lissone, WelcHome Santhià, among others.

Temporary Museum / Extension – Superstudio 13

This year Superstudio 13, in via Forcella 13, hosts Temporary Museum for New Design/Extension, the second venue of the wider project held at Superstudio Più in via Tortona 27. Within the historic photographic studios, the path along the halls starts from Leucos, celebrating its 50th anniversary in the light business with the artistic installation made of red glass stalactites placed among the works by G.Toso, Javier Mariscal and Danilo De Rossi, and continues with the exhibitions of urban living by the Danish company HOWE, the sculptor-like shapes of the bio-fireplaces designed by Christoph Pillet and Charles Kalpakian for the Polish company Planika, tables and chairs in recycled and pressed plate by the Brazilian Alê Jordão, the new collection by the Italian HIKO, and it ends with Selected Objects (Cube on Cube, Costa Crociere, Pierpaolo Pitacco, Ryszard Mańczak, SlideArt), small furnishing and object installations by interesting international brands, united by their innovative and creative content.

In the two big studios facing via Bugatti 9, LG Hausys introduces the kitchen of the future, the ultimate technology enclosed in a conceptual space designed with the innovative HI-MACS (Acrylic Solid Surface) surface. Marmo Elite amazes instead with a huge block of solid onyx, which seems to evoke nature’s mystical forces.
Surprises and discoveries continue with Bureau Detours, Layup Carbonio, Phormalab, Rex Kralj.

Exhibitions promoted by the no profit organization M.A.T., Milano Altri Talenti. The Milanese temple of photography wouldn’t be complete without a photographic exhibition: “AbstrAct”, 30 images with details of design objects as abstract paintings, shot during the previous Design editions at Superstudio, by the photographer Giovanna Vitale of Milan’s School of Design. In another studio, “ARTenative”, a show of unique pieces with a big impact created with industrial waste products by the designer Luca Gnizio/FordesignFor, invites to think about the critical
situations of our time and the role of design.

Many exclusive services of Temporary Museum in the two linked locations. Next to the traditional Dada Caffè and Superstudio Cafè, offering contemporary Italian cuisine, you can find the new bio-restaurant PrimoPiano Alce Nero Caffè. And more: VIP lounge, temporary shop, T-shirts Superstudio Collection by Magliettefresche, parking, press-office, reception, infopoint, kids-point…
Superstudio Group, which has always supported the most interesting and significant new initiatives, has launched a collaboration with Design Days Dubai, the first fair in the Middle East and in Southern Asia devoted to limited-edition design.

Temporary Museum for New Design 2012
At Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27: Alcantara, Canon, Carrera, Ciclotte, City of Poznań, Cosentino Group, COTTO, Cristalplant, De Ponte Studio | DPSA+D, Diesel, Foscarini, Functionals, Ichimura Sangyo, Inredia, Kabiljo Inc., Kusch+Co GmbH & Co. KG, LIXIL Corporation, Lumiotec, Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, Melogranoblu, Royal Mosa, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Lissone, NgispeN, Ronda Design, Samsung Electronics Italia, Tagina Ceramiche d’Arte, Thailand’s Slow Hand Design, The Danish Design Centre, Turkish Stones, TurriniBY, WelcHome Santhià.
Discovering- In the Basement: 9 Across, Sakura Adachi & John Bennett, Arredi Marziani, Artbeat, Baumgartner, Giorgio Biscaro, Simona Boiardi, PG Bonsignore, Andrea Borgogni, CAI Light, Francesco Citterio, Designing Light by Giesse-Technology, Dvelas, Falabrac-Workshop of Ideas, Ivan Casoni per FC Arredamenti, Enrico Girotti per ForHouse, Hierve, Timo Hoisko e Matti Korpela, Chicako Ibaraki, Ghigos ideas, Ilide, karpet, Annamaria Litterio, Lucirmás, Alessandro Marelli, Noushaz Mahini Tehrani, Ministry of Senses (MOS), Musei di Carta- Aliantedizioni, Giorgia Paolini, PlanAbacus, rossifaravelli, Elena Salmistraro Designer, Verónica Posada- Si Studio, S.M.ART B.E.Ar. design, Smooth Plane, Henrik Sørig, studio mist-o, Leonardo Talarico, Timothy Tuppence, Valentin Vodev, ZETA (Zaven & Matteo Zorzenoni).

At Superstudio 13, via Forcella 13/via Bugatti 9: Bureau Detours, Costa Crociere, Cube on Cube, HIKO, HOWE, Alê Jordão, Layup Carbonio, Leucos, LG Hausys, Ryszard Mańczak, Marmo Elite, Phormalab, Pierpaolo Pitacco, Planika, Rex Kralj, SlideArt. Exhibitions and performances: “Still & Sparkling” by Nendo with Lasvit, “City Alphabet” by Piotr Welniak and Michal Bartkowiak, “ARTernative” by Luca Gnizio, “AbstrAct” by Giovanna Vitale, “Jump into the sun” by Carrera, “tu Sottsass” by Fabrizio Sclavi.

For more info: Tortona design week 2012

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Tortona design week 2012

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