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There is no limit to art, the processes, the concepts or the work to be done. That’s one of the beauties of the times we live in. Anyone can make their wildest vision come true, and employ the most unconventional medium and tools. Italian elusive designer, Martino Gamper, turned things around yet again with his latest project: Metamorfosi.

For its 60th anniversary, Italian deluxe furniture brand Moroso, invited Gamper to be part of its celebration through an adventurous project: deconstructing, mixing and reinventing its most renowned pieces. The artist was invited in the company’s factory in Udine, where he was given complete freedom to rip apart, tear, shred, reassemble, imagine, invent and surprise. His creative efforts exploded into a bedazzling collection illustrating ‘what could have been done’ instead during the years. Showcasing the unconventional, the uncomfortable, the strange, the artist explored the hidden angles, the insides of each piece, turned them inside out and rolled around in the gutter. And the result was fantastic!

Gamper had access to a wide gamut of pieces belonging to wildly diverse designers; he had complete, utter control on what to do and how to do it, and create something unique featuring the works of all these artists. He took bits and pieces, fabrics, patterns, details from several designers, and put everything in a melting pot. The results were astonishing, and the concept beyond, even more so. The underlying idea was to come up with pieces of work that transcend the individual efforts and pursuits of each artist.

The creative process developed over one year. One year of deconstructing and reassembling over and over again tens of chic items, in order to build something raw, cutting-edge, innovative. The works of all designers featured previously by Moroso, intertwined harmoniously under the rich constructive efforts of Martino Gamper.


For more info: Metamorfosi

design42day » Search Results » italian+furniture


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