Interview with Zooppa

Interview with Zooppa

Interview with Zooppa

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When and how was Zooppa founded?

Zooppa was founded in 2007 thanks to Riccardo Donadon and to the italian technological incubator H-Farm, which funds start-ups in the fields of new media and technology. The idea behind Zooppa is to offer a space to bring together the advertising carried out by real people and the needs of promotion of big brands, inspired by the principles of web 2.0 and crowdsourcing.

In which marketplaces is Zooppa active?

To this day, our platform is active in Italy, in the U.S. and in Brazil and can rely on a creative community of almost 150,000 users, half of whom are Italians.
Customers who choose Zooppa, however, are located on a global scale. Just to mention some of the best known brands that have chosen Zooppa in these years: Google, Siemens, Asus, Nike, Microsoft, but also the italian brands Illy, Lago, PosteMobile, Telecom.

How is Zooppa a useful tool for companies? What are the benefits for clients?

The contents created by community members give companies food for thought – creatively speaking – and can be inserted into advertising campaigns of companies. This contents also generate a spontaneous viral effect, accentuated by sharing carried out by users on social networks. In this way, the client brand is spread online. Moreover, companies can interpret competitions as a massive focus group. In fact, advertising generated by the community reveals a lot about how users perceive the brand: it is clear from their comments, from conversations which are born around the contributions themselves. The customer has the opportunity to see what a large group of people think of the brand, without filters.

Campaigns return real feedback on the perception of brands thanks to the rich information included in every creative submission and these  can be used as valuable insights for clients marketing strategy. Another aspect that is often underestimated  by companies is the direct engagement: thanks to Zooppa, the client has the opportunity to relate directly with people, to put on a pair level, to know talented creators, building deeper and authentic relationship with consumers. In this sense, a very important role is played by the client and its capability to fully enhance these opportunities.

What are the benefits for the community?

Benefts for users who join Zooppa are gains – visibility – contacts. The creative community members can participate to the win for cash prizes, awards that are, on average, around 2,000 $ for graphics and 4,000 $ for videos. Contributions that are selected from companies are inserted into client advertising campaign and they have a visibility that goes beyond our platform and beyond the closing date of the competition: the best  ones are published in Zooppa’s social network channels and in those of the client.

It also happened that best contests were replicated in publications or initiatives, outside Zooppa competition. Another important advantage of being part of our community lies in the creation of relationships, both among users and between users and brands: over time we have seen the emergence of fruitful collaborations that have developed into new initiatives outside Zooppa. This can not but make us proud!

Which are the steps to develop a competition? What happens when you close a competition?

Each competition is created and developed by combining Zooppa, the client and the users. In a first phase, the client decides – with the help of the staff of Zooppa – what are the goals of the campaign and creates a brief, that has to be clear for users and consistent with the desired objectives. The next phase is the publication of the brief on the site, along with the launch of the competition itself: Zooppa manages a conversation with the creative community to ensure they understand the project.

At this point, the community comes into play: users download the brief and materials required to make the video or graphics, and begin to upload their contributions. Typically, a competition lasts between 6 and 8 weeks. Meanwhile, Zooppa moderates the uploads to ensure they fit the crative brief.

At the end of the contest, the client will select and award the best content.

What are the goals of Zooppa for 2012?

The year 2012 promises to be a year full of expectations. This year Zooppa is 5 years old. In this period we have grown and our clients have grown with us, developing a greater awareness about the benefits of crowdsourcing.
On clients side, we are working to expand our offering with new services, such as an app to launch creative campaigns on Facebook.
On users side, we will improve the profile of each user to ensure increased visibility and give users the opportunity to build a real portfolio.
At a technical level, we aim to constantly improve the site, to ensure our users and clients an easier and more intuitive experience.
We will aim to develop valuable partnerships to provide users with benefits that go beyond winning cash awards. In short, we hope to continue the path we have already started!

For more info: Interview with Zooppa

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Interview with Zooppa

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