Lamberto Petri Kiev Fashion Days S/S 2013

Lamberto Petri Kiev Fashion Days S/S 2013

Lamberto Petri Kiev Fashion Days S/S 2013

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If an Italian girl flies to Kiev for Fashion Days, chances are she will fall in love with the only Italian designer showing there.

This genuine made in Italy creator  took the audience for a romantic yet contemporary journey through the Apuan Alps and right into the splendor of the Tuscan Maremma in bloom. He took us with him in a  personal odyssey through the region’s unforgettable landscapes of hills and olive groves. He took me home.

A beautiful ensemble of fluid forms and essential shapes, inventive ways of cutting, built-up layers and de-structured elements, where the colors boss the show and speak the simple language of renaissance and nature: gypsum, wisteria, olive oil and, of course, black – the essential leitmotiv of all Petri creations.

Lamberto Petri collection for the next spring summer is a collection to live and to give life to. A catwalk that finds its place along a path of transition for the designer own career, providing a message for the ones that do not simply buy into fashion but who are, like Lamberto, engaged in a constant process of research and experimentation.


For more info: Lamberto Petri Kiev Fashion Days S/S 2013

design42day » Search Results » made+in+italy

Lamberto Petri Kiev Fashion Days S/S 2013

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