Goggle Desk by Danny Venlet

Goggle Desk by Danny Venlet

Goggle Desk by Danny Venlet

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Open, direct, relaxed. This is Danny Venlet GOGGLE DESK. Presented at “Salone Ufficio 2011”, Goggle is a presidential desk designed by the Belgian designer for Babini Office, an Italian furniture producer.

Goggle desk is a project thought for future-oriented managers, people that are able to mix functionality and elegance. It is designed for those who want to stand out, those who understand the importance of having a piece of design in their office. Goggle is not a simple desk, it is an example of how a piece of furniture can be powerful and breathtaking.

Goggle has an impressive size, thicknesses and shiny varnishing characterize his area emphasizing the curvilinear design of the product. The idea behind this beautiful piece of furniture remains the individual, with the intention to transform every environment in the perfect work place, in harmony with oneself and with everything that is around us.

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design42day » Search Results » italian+furniture

Goggle Desk by Danny Venlet

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