Visionnaire design gallery

Visionnaire design gallery

Visionnaire design gallery

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From the inauguration in 2008, Visionnaire has become a benchmark in the Italian city of design. Highly sought after by multifaceted designer Samuele Mazza, art director and designer of the main line, this project is more than a showroom and more than a concept store: it’s a mirror of the creators’ vision, as the name itself suggests, that is expressed through the design gallery, lounge bar and installations.

Visionnaire is a cult store with its glamour and elegance, where baroque and minimal meet in a mix of materials and styles for a new interpretation of the luxury furniture design made in Italy. The realization of the venue has been possible thanks to the perfect location: a 2000 squared meter former cinema in Piazza Cavour of which only the screen remains, while the ex foyer has been transformed into a black 18 meter long diamond-cut bar that pops in the white space. Along with art, the location often hosts events and catwalks. Latest events include Fabio Giampietro’s Voi Od Earth, Paolo Troilo’s personal exhibition, Burton Morris’s I love Milano and the opening night installation by the Cracking Art Group.

Visionnaire is a space as unique as Milan which keeps its peculiar identity while always managing to reinvent itself. Visionnaire is a wonderland defined by an eclectic taste: unusual design elements take you into a fantasy of baroque decor playing with your senses in a over the top yet unexpectedly refined space. Contrasting points of interest work harmoniously pulling everything together in an unusual decoupage of design. This is a place that goes back to the roots of elegance. In a world becoming more and more modern and minimalistic you are able to step back and appreciate classical beauty with a 21st century twist. Obviously elegant, this allows for an instant portrayal of being elite rather then a more subtle approach, which celebrities such as Madonna and Lenny Kravitz understood.

The designs are an interpretation of the society that is changing and of its infinite facets, especially of that bourgoise niche that is establishing in many countries of the world, mostly in the East. The idea of a luxurious anti-minimalistic and opulent yet never excessive, customized and in limited edition in contrast with the current homologation.

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design42day » Search Results » italian+furniture

Visionnaire design gallery

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