Cradle Chair by Benjamin Hubert

Cradle Chair by Benjamin Hubert

Cradle Chair by Benjamin Hubert

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The Cradle is not your traditional lounge chair – it’s a lounge chair revamped. British designer, Benjamin Hubert created this fusion chair for the claimed Italian furniture brand Moroso. The idea was to blend the lightness and easiness of a net structured hammock and the comfort of the conventional upholsted lounge chair.

For Hubert it was really all about thinking outside of the box. The designer pairs the sharp rectilinear backrest with the soft, cloud-like cushion in order to create a perfect mix of architecture and comfort. And speaking of comfort, the chair utilizes a custom-made cut pattern a non-elastic textile to perform in a 3d way, which gives correct a perfect support for the body. It sure isn’t called a cradle for no reason.

So there you have it – an au courant furniture piece that is both stylish and practical. With its vibrant color and rich texture, The Cradle is undoubtedly an eye-catcher. And along with your favorite pair of sunglasses and a crispy cold drink, The Cradle might just be the perfect accessory for the warm summer afternoons.


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design42day » Search Results » italian+furniture

Cradle Chair by Benjamin Hubert

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