Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

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The race for the title of the world’s most exquisite cocktail is on! With a savory, luscious flavor to wipe off competition, Absolut Vodka has recently launched one of its most awaited drinks- ‘Greyhound’. On the lips of bartenders across the globe for quite a while now, this exotic, posh drink is finally available to the grand public. With an ultra sleek feel and a fantastic promo, Greyhound is bound to change the rules of the game!

The crazy marketing team of Pernod Ricard has come up with a super unique concept to promote this product, taking the 2.0 approach to a complete other level. Forget all about social media and twitter buzz- we’re now talking videography and a kick-ass multi- sensorial perception to tickle the fancy of even the most conservative viewer. The company decided to partner up with some of the hottest creatives in all fields in order to come up with a fascinating, enthralling experience, transcending old fashioned advertising techniques. Never before has a drink been so aggressively and bewitchingly promoted, and it’s making a boom already!

Under the holy patronage of Carl Erik Rinsch, the director, the concept comes to life in a wondrous environment, featuring other-worldly creatures in a battle of titans. The video portrays a surreal experience shot around the hypnotizing Bonneville Salt Flats area, where an inter-galactic race among three robodogs takes place. Under the careful scrutiny of their masters, the robotron greyhounds are controlled by none other than the Swedish House Mafia trio, who guide their movements through a swirling of narcotic beats they produce in real time. The music grows more and more intense by the second and the race heats up quickly. The atmosphere becomes extremely tense and we witness the owners of the dogs clenching their jaws and narrowing their eyes in excitement, while savoring a ‘Greyhound’ to help them cool off. Stylist Franck Chevalier worked his magic and crafted three irresistible ideas for the opposing tribes, while the mind-blowing make-up embellished the alien overall appearance. The exquisite outfits account a lot for the general vibe of the video, giving a majestic note to both the promo and the drink itself. Filled with tons of symbols and futuristic details, the video will overload with information any viewer; one must simply watch it a few times, in order not to miss any hidden meaning!

The collaboration with music gurus Swedish House Mafia was a clever and very inspired move on behalf of Pernod Ricard! The song was created especially for this cocktail, and is bound from now on to be associated with it every single time it will be blowing off the speakers in a club. The elevated mood the songs induces, makes for a nice touch, in accordance to the feel ‘Grayhound’ aims to induce itself!

Uplifting and dazing, ‘Greyhound’ inspires a thundering clash among senses and opens the mind of the viewer or drinker, to a whole new dimension, leading the path to a surreal journey.


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design42day » Search Results » social+media+art

Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

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