Guest Post on De-Cluttering Your Home

Guest Post on De-Cluttering Your Home

Guest Post on De-Cluttering Your Home
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Hello everyone! I have a guest post today by Josh Waldrum — on SpareFoot, the world’s largest inventory on self-storage units on the web. Hope you find this informative.

Did you know the average American spends one year of their life looking for lost or misplaced items? If you are like the average American, you are probably aware of how easy it is to accumulate a ton of stuff in your home. The more things you collect the less space you have to store it. As a result, people often find themselves living in a home full of clutter. While you might find it difficult to part ways with things that have sentimental memories, home organization experts recommend getting rid of items you rarely use.
SpareFoot,the largest online inventory of storage units, offers up some advice on why you should cut out the clutter at your home. Their infographicon clutter gives fifteen great reasons to keep a tidy house. De-cluttering your home can save you money, relieve stress, improve friendships, and even lead to a better sex life. It’s incredible all the ways you can better your life with a little home organization. Check out the infographic for all the great benefits.

Clutter Infographic
Produced by SpareFoot Self-Storage. Copyright 2013.

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Interior Design Blog | Interior and Exterior Design Ideas

Guest Post on De-Cluttering Your Home

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