Serge Birault

Serge Birault

Serge Birault

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Serge Birault is a French digital painter from Toulouse with a stunning portfolio. Amazing and iper-realistic, the drawings of Birault share the same leitmotiv, the female universe.

In his portfolio we find pin-up, vampires, and other women with a gothic flavor that share the fact of being almost all femme fatales. Sometimes works are done for commercial purposes, like, for example, in the case of “Miss VandeCramps”, created for a website, or the case of “Poker Repla mascotte”, especially thought for a poker website, while, some other times, works are just the result of the experiences and travels of the artist, like in “White Chapel”, where the subject of the digital piece is a revisitation of Thomas Lawrence’s paintings, seen by Birault during a travel to London.

The artist usually draw with a real model in mind, that then is translated in the artwork, using an impeccable  technique, an amazing color palette and always keeping a particular attention for the eyes of the subject, which are able to instantly express the essence of the character. The drawings are exhibited in the artist website and they are also available for purchase.

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design42day » Search Results » web+digital+artist

Serge Birault

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