Adriana Gerasimova

Adriana Gerasimova

Adriana Gerasimova

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Adriana Gerasimova, professional stylist since 2002, has a vivid artistic vision that results in a wide range of creative activities: photography, video, body art, hair dressing, visual effects, etc.  Her portfolio includes the covers of lifestyle and fashion magazines and several international awards such as second place in The Max Mara Coat contest. For Adriana taking part in competitions is the most exciting and challenging aspect of her job because it frees her mind from the rules and boundaries. She loves to experience and enforce a provocative personal point of view in her art and puts maximum effort and dedication for every new project. Perfectionist in her work, Adriana follows up every small detail of the process as to keep control of the final result.

Adriana is the founder of Addminimal Creative Studio, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The studio works as a flexible structure, covering all the creative processes – from the blink of an idea, to art-direction, styling, hairdressing, make up and postproduction. One of the aesthetic intentions of Addminimal is a synthesis of two seemingly quite opposite artistic tendencies – cyber culture and ethnical aesthetic. In one of their projects- a series of photographs taken in fluorescent light- special costumes were chosen, combining traditional folk elements of different Bulgarian regions and geometric abstractions. So far Addminimal worked mainly for the print market. However, with the expansion of social networking, the studio goes further into the capturing world of video production, film industry and flexible online issues.

“We love to experiment and to be flexible as the market itself. Media for us is just a mean of expression. We search for the right expression every time we start a project. We don’t create design just for the sake of it. For us less is more, and the good design is much more than a visual – it is a state of mind, status, and attitude. ”

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design42day » Search Results » social+media+art

Adriana Gerasimova

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