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Yunjie Mok

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One of the latest discoveries promoted on, the cult platform where the best emerging fashion designers sell their limited edition collections, is Yunjie Mok. A young Korean that has moved to London to enroll at the London College of Fashion and enjoy the frenetic lifestyle of the British metropolis, drawing the inspiration from this cradle of cultures and nationalities for her own creations.

Despite her young age, the distinctive traits of Mok’s philosophy are yet markedly reflected in the well-defined style of her creations: what immediately comes to mind looking at her work is the perpetual search for unpredictability, for something always beyond any standard, which does not prejudge a constant prominence attributed to feminine beauty. Delicate shapes and futuristic details perfectly merge and the innovative mixtures of different kinds of textures come to define new forms of silhouettes: unusual outfits that drastically transform the human body.

The break-through innovation conceived by this designer has been recently translated in an amazing collection that is composed by a limited number of tailor-made tangible pieces of art. The modest variety of clothes composing this collection is offset by its incredible inventive power, which starts from the emblematic denomination, “Space perception”. The basic concept of this masterpiece is a study of how the space enhances the appearance of every human being: according to Mok’s idea, the perception of space in our minds is totally subjective, since everyone is more attracted by some objects rather than others. The aim of this collection, therefore, is trying to show how different perceptions of space can determine different body shapes, which are transferred into fashion design.

The different mixes of materials used accentuate the effects of motion: the digital print applied in all garments has been created with a particular process of reflection and distortion of the ladder, an appropriate and effective representation of movement. Furthermore, the application of different prints on each outfit creates a continuum of shapes and colors that emphasize the human body. The prevailing fabric of this collection is metallic leather, which gives a touch of modernity to outfits that, otherwise, would be extremely delicate and romantic, due to the prevailing usage of pastel colored garment fabric, chosen by the designer to keep the body as natural as possible.

Even if it is quite hard to foresee the prospective artistic path of this emerging talent, one thing is for sure: Yunjie Mok ‘s alternative and ambitious way to enhance appearance is contributing to the definition of a modern standard of beauty; without any doubt, just the beginning of her revolution.


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design42day » Search Results » digital+art

Yunjie Mok

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