What you can find in a vray library

What you can find in VRay library is a wide range of textures and materials. In the software you can find different sections that will guide you trough a easy use of the effects you can give to the objects. Materials can be controlled by different features, such as the Specular command. This change the glossiness and the shade. Other materials can be natural or composite, but with each one of them you can use all the rendering features of the software. With VRay it will be easy to make reflections. Understand that when you work with a colour, black means no reflection and white means full reflection. With VRay you can also highlight glossiness. The value ranges from 0.0 to 1.0. The more you get closer to 1.0 the more you get a shade of gloss to your object. When you work with gloss features, remind that you can use reflections. You can add the blur command; remember, the lower the value, the more blur it adds; or you can add the depth: it means choose how many times a ray can be reflected. It is really useful with complex objects with many reflective and refractive surfaces. If we increase the blur effect of our texture and we perform some distortions or some noise, we just have to increase the subdivisions measure. The use of VRay in your projects will be as easy as using a simple rendering tool, but all full optioned. Within the specific rendering instruments we find all the reflection tools: some of them are locked but it is always possible to activate them. Be careful not to reach the maximum reflection depth, because the colour could not be traced and will appear plain. You can use VRay color mapping in many ways. You can submit the picture to an irradiance map so to speed up rendering of glossy reflections. Finally, this software permit better performances and can give your scenery or your picture a more realistic look. It is compatible with other 3D design programs and it is light and fast. A great choice for a great work.

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