Everything you need to know before planning your wedding in Italy


At the end, the long awaited moment has come. Your boyfriendpickedup his courage and finally proposed to you. Congratulation!
But after the stage of excitement and euphoria, where you can’t wait to show the ring to all your friends and colleagues, panic suddenly hits you: you have to organize the party!
You have already watched tons of movies that always end up like fairy tales, with the perfect couple that marries atthe perfect location, with a beautiful sunset behind their back while they kiss. Well, it’s time for you to get that fairy tale as well, for a wedding that will be remembered by everyone. Let’s see… beautiful place, great food and wine and the perfect sunny weather. Exactly, we are talking about Italy! It seems to be everyone’s dream to marry in this gorgeous country, falling in love with each other all over again.

Imagine: the sun that warms you up, a nice breeze that tousles your hair, the smell of the wheat fields, not even a cloud in the sky… and at some point, you are inside the church, the air inside the building fresh and cool, and your husband-to-be waiting for you at the end of the central nave, smiling at you in your beautiful dress. Yes, a marriage in Italy is all of this and much more.
If the idea of having your wedding in Italy wasn’t enough for you, think that you can also enjoy your honeymoon there. I mean, they invented the honeymoon! During Roman times, it was tradition for the two newlyweds to spend a moon cycle together drinking every night a glass of mead (honey wine), in Italian called “idromele” that was believed to be the gods’ beverage. Drinking and lying in bed while eating was a way for the coupleto relax, trying to talk more and to know each other better. In fact, most of the unions were arranged by the couple families and the groom and the bride to be didn’t even know the other person’s face (that’s why Romans created also the veil tradition).

Marrying in Italy can be challenging though. You don’t know the language nor the country and you can’t just pick the first offer you find online. One solution could be contact a wedding planner to take care of everything, but they can also be incredibly expensive. In addition, most of them tend to take the lead of the situation, leaving very little space for the couple to choose. Another and more practical solution could be to use a wedding portal, a website entirely dedicated to everything you need to organize your wedding. On Datanozze.it, for example, you can find not only the perfect location for your wedding, but also a series of other important vendors, like the florist, the catering staff, the musicians, the pastry chef, the driver, and so on. The website is even organized in categories and provinces, so it’s easier to find a solution for everything you need. Plus, in a wedding there are so many factors to consider that you risk to be overwhelmed by all the things you still have to do. Let’s make a list together, shall we?
First of all, you need to make a plan with your future husband, in order to decide the budget and the theme, two of the most important elements of a wedding. Since you are in Italy, try to find a theme in line with the characteristics of the country, like its history of the nature. Usually, the best moment to marry in Italy is Spring, when every flower is blossoming and the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. The days are mostly sunny and there’s a nice breeze. Pay attention, though, March in Italy is defined “the crazy month”, mostly because of its sudden changes of weather and its unexpected rains. However, there’s a way of saying in Italy: “sposabagnata, sposafortunata”, which means “a wet espouse is a lucky one”. So go ahead and marry when you want! Wait, no… actually in Italy brings bad luck to marry on Tuesday (“Martedì”, that is Marte’s day, god of the war and bearer of quarrels and fights between the couple) and on Friday (the day when, according to the tradition where created evil spirits).

Once you have settled a budget and a theme and you both agreed on the date (or at least the month) when you are going to marry, you can start thinking about the location. First of all, let’s talk about the location for the ceremony: you should choose a church that speaks to you, for its beauty or its history (trust me when I say that every single church in Italy has its history). You should talk with the priest, in order to find an available date and to make a list of all the documents you need to be officially married. Depending on the church and the city where you decide to marry, the waiting times can be very different and in some cases they take up to 3 months. The same goes for the civil rite, where the couple seal its union in front of the State representatives (remember that if you are a foreigner you need a “NullaOsta”, that is, a certificate of No Impediment to marry which is issued by the Embassy or Consulate of your country of origin in Italy).
While you’re waiting for these documents, you should start making a list of people to invite at your wedding. Start with those you really can’t give up and start adding guests until you reach the number you want. Be careful to check how much are you going to spend for each person before sending all the invitations.
In the meantime, you should be looking for a location for the wedding reception. You can choose to hold a lunch if the marriage is in the morning, or a dinner with a dancing night, or maybe a cocktail party with a buffet table. In any case you need a structure big enough to host all your guests and sticks to your budget. Some structures are restaurants or have a kitchen within their walls, while the others have some agreement with catering society. Another problem may be the distance from the church and the amount of available parking slots. In any case, it’s important to be well informed in advance about all these issues in order to avoid unpleasant mistakes. A useful help is always to visit the area and talk directly with the owner or the manager.

Now it’s time for the best part: the best menu election. Most of the location will make you try two or three alternatives of possible menus that you can choose for your big day. You’ll taste a great variety of delicious Italian dishes, enough pasta to feed an army! The moment of the wedding feast, it’s important all over the world, but in Italy it has a special meaning. Food in Italy is life and love and a wedding is an occasion to celebrate happiness with your family and beloved ones. It normally takes more than two or three hours and usually the served courses reach the number fourteen. It starts with a selection of different starters (in Italian are called “antipasti”), simple as a salami and prosciutto assortment or more elaborated like a seafood salad, and then a certain amount of “primipiatti”, with a big variety of pasta and rice dressed in a great number of sauces and other ingredients. The First Dishes are followed by the main courses, with meat or fish, and a lot of fresh cooked vegetables. Last but not least, we reach the desserts: a paradise for the eyes and the palate, with ice creams, millefoglie, chocolates, profiteroles, fruit and the list could go on forever. Every meal is accompanied by a different wine, better if it comes from the same region of the city where you decide to celebrate your wedding. To digest this whole amount of delicious food, the catering or the restaurant will provide you with Limoncello, Grappa and coffee. And of course the cake! Same thing as for the menu, you should try many cakes in order to find your final wedding cake.

At this point you have more or less a general picture of how’s going to turn out your wedding. Speaking of pictures, remember to find yourself a good photographer and maybe a cameraman, who can help you to remember all the details of your special day. Other important vendors to contact are the driver (in case you decide to rent a car), the florist (for your bouquet and the decorations), the dress, the hairstyle, and the band (or the Dj if you want to save up some money). If you resolve to go along with the Italian traditionsyou also need to prepare some “Bomboniere”, little boxed of candy-coated Jordan almonds (5 or 7, they have to be on an odd number because they can’t be divided by two) to thank your guests for coming to your wedding.
At this point everything is ready, you just have to take a deep breath and say yes.

Keep calm and marry in Italy!


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