Stasis Lamp by Studio Baag

Stasis Lamp by Studio Baag

Stasis Lamp by Studio Baag

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The Milan based design team of Caroline Bauer and Pier Francesco Galuppini once again focused their efforts in achieving an ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality with the creation of Stasis, one of their signature pieces. Through an ingenious game of opposite forces cancelling themselves out, the lamp visually proposes four bowl-shaped forms stacked one on the other, holding their position in perfect balance.

The design, although unconventional in its overall organization, is made up of extremely clean and simple lines, resulting in a pleasant contrast of rationality and eccentricity. The Swedish and Italian developers decided to use light materials and colors, realizing Stasis in metal sheet powder and coating it with pastel tones of rubberized paint. The pile of domes hangs from a long and thin metal axis, from which it can deliver its subtle light in all kinds of interiors.


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design42day » Search Results » italian+design

Stasis Lamp by Studio Baag

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