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DZ HOME was born as a branch of the DIMITRIS ZOZ® Brand.

As a brand specilized in Denim creations, the first piece chose for the line was the Chester, an icon of British culture of upholstered furniture. Tuscan Italian denim cloths, previously treated with Teflon® to protect and waterproof the fabric are manufatured into a complete line of home furnishings.
Denim it is no longer to be seen as a poor fabric, but as a living material to be molded according to the multiple ways.
DZ HOME is aimed at a selected and exigent clientel that love and appreciate a well researched artisan product which is at the same time elegant, charming and possessing a clear attention to detail, in a continuous research for exclusivity, quality and style without compromise.

The entire production line is realized with prime quality italian materials. An accurate selection of solid woods such as Pine, Beech and Oak, goose down for the stuffing, high-density polyurethane foam for the padding. These are some of the materials that we daily select for our production in order to let you have timeless pieces.
Each piece of fabric is still cut by hand with our paper models, pieces that shall subsequently be assembled together and closed with the Capitonne’ technique entirely sewn by hand.

The raw Denim cloths are supplied from Vicenza, to be then dyed and worked in the laundries in Tuscany. Each one of the 23 available colors has its own recipe composition, created by our chemists to respect a color hold over time.

At the site of Pistoia, every single piece is inspected and controlled before leaving the factory to ensure that the high quality standard which is the basis of our production is maintained.

We are able to create bespoke pieces, customer design or professional. The flexibility of our production is able to complete any need that may meet your demand.
On the annual collections we are able to meet your needs regarding measures, in order to adapt the furniture to your space requirements, and also the denim cloths can be dyed in the colors from the samples provided by you.

Visit: www.dimitriszoz.com/home/

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design42day » Search Results » italian+furniture

Dimitris Zoz Home

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