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Norm pods

Norm pods

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MENU makes healthy cooking easier with the ne w Norm Pods – easy, stylish, and delicious. MENU introduces Norm Pods, designed for storing, cooking and serving all your favorite seeds, oils and spices.

“The inspiration comes from our increasing awareness about healthy and nutritious food and our wish to grant all these seeds, oils and spices a strong presence in a stylish kitchen and dining table settings,” says architect Kasper Rønn from Norm Architects.

All MENU Norm Pods are made of glass with steel lids, granting a strict, cylindrical and masculine expression yet at the same time softened by the big radius on the top.

The Norm duo has also designed a unique Tripod Holder, where more can be stacked easily on top of each other.

“It is inspired by the classic French and Italian Oil and Vinegar sets and is meant for an easy serving of your three favorite spices and oils at the table. Additionally, it has an extra feature, as the Tripods can be stabled in an organic, sculptural and treelike storage system that can hold many Norm Pods,” says Kasper Rønn.

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design42day » Search Results » italian+food

Norm pods

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